24/7 Line: 1-888-543-3999

Get Help for Friends, Family Members or Coworkers

Seeking help to be able to talk to someone in your life that you think is being impacted by domestic violence?


You may be a neighbour, friend or family member. Maybe you are a co-worker, have a client, or are a coach or teacher.

You may be a trusted individual who can offer support to someone experiencing domestic violence. There are ways you can help.

The Nova Scotia Domestic Violence Resource Centre has a great deal of information specifically for neighbours, friends, and family members.

  1. Why get involved?
  2. How to help.
  3. Recognizing the signs and symptoms.
  4. Additional resources for neighbours, friends, and family.


Important phone numbers

If you are seeking help to be able to talk to someone in your life impacted by domestic violence, please call our shelter at 1-902-543-3999 or 1-888-543-3999.

You can also reach the Neighbours, Friends and Family Line at 1-855-225-0220.

Education around domestic violence

If you are looking for information to present within your workplace or community group to educate around domestic violence, please call our outreach team at 1-902-543-9970.