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About Harbour House

Our Mission

The South Shore Transition House Association’s (Harbour House) mission is to

Empower women

Offer safety, comfort and hope

Support and educate the community

Promote equality on the South Shore

Our Principles

The South Shore Transition House Association (Harbour House) upholds the following principles:

  • It is a basic human right to live without fear of physical, sexual or emotional abuse. (the majority of those abused are women.)
  • Woman battering is an assault, and assault is a criminal offence.
  • It is everyone’s right to receive protection under the law, regardless of the relationship of the parties involved or where the offence occurred.
  • Abused women are not the cause of the abuse, but they are trapped within abusive situations; they live in a society that does not clearly state that abusive behaviour is not acceptable in any circumstance.

We Aim To...

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Provide, operate and maintain safe temporary housing for women and their dependent children, who are victims of abuse.

What to expect in our shelter

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Provide security, support and counselling to women who have been victims of abuse and to help them become self-sufficient.

Contact our counselling service

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Liaison with relevant community and professional services to provide the most up-to-date information and support.

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Our History

Harbour House has supported women and children in Lunenburg and Queens Counties for over 34 years. We operate a 130 year-old home, 15-bed shelter, with a Women and Youth Outreach program that reaches women across the counties through our satellite locations.


Today's Reality

Access to our services and outreach programs has increased over 900% in the last 6 years. Participation in public education such as girl’s groups is up over 880% in the last 3 years. We continue to support public education programs for boys.

  • Occupancy is presently at 85%.
  • Occupancy rates surpassed 100% during the lock down months of COVID-19.

Domestic violence is a serious issue within our community that has always been here. COVID-19 merely brought this truth to the forefront of public attention.

Gender-based violence is itself an ongoing pandemic. One that will take a communal provincial and national effort to eradicate.


Who We Support

Women of all ages and their dependent children are affected by gender-based violence.  As a result, we receive women of all ages and abilities and their dependent children at our home.

Donate to our cause

We accept monetary donations as well as gift cards and new household items.