Harbour House
Box 355
Bridgewater, NS  B4V 2W9

24-Hour Transition House Desk
902.543.3999                                                   thw@harbour-house.ca

Administration    902.543.3665            executivedirector@harbour-house.ca
Outreach                902.543.9970             outreach@harbour-house.ca
Child and Youth 902.543.9970             youth@harbour-house.ca
Fax                             902.543.3533

Harbour House is thankful to the major sponsor of our annual fundraiser, “Harbour House Tea and Fashion Show” Buck’s Home Building Centre

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  1. I moved here from ON few months ago HI Ed like to do some volunteer work with the needy in ON I helped at Bridges home for the needy we are located in Liverpool

  2. Hello,
    I am wondering if the shelter would be interested in a donation of some board games. All in very good condition.

  3. Do you have counsellors there ? My daughter lives in Lunenburg and is an abusive relationship. I think she should see a counsellor as soon as possible. I am her mother and live outside Montreal, so it is difficult to help her. I am not sure she believes she is an abused wife.

    • Hi Beth – we certainly do have outreach counsellors and we also provide 24/7 crisis service and we have a shelter, which accommodates women and their children. Please have her call us at 902-543-3999

  4. Hi just wondering about the jobs I’d love to come n be apart of ur staff n the house as my self n my kids have used that house a few times when I was in a bad relationship n we loved that place n everybodie n staff that was there it was like a whole new life when we was there!!!!

  5. Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself! My Pen Name is Lynne Farley and I am the Canadian author of Torn Between Two Worlds (A Mother’s Love). I wrote my book to tell of my own personal experience living in an abusive relationship with the hope of bringing an understanding to the many victims’ families, as well as the social workers that are trying to help victims deal with their traumatic situation.
    Abuse is a very cruel and sad subject, which is quite often misunderstood by society. An abused victim doesn’t normally set out looking for an abusive relationship. The process is usually so gradual that by the time the victim realizes something is wrong; they are in a vulnerable state of mind. Their abuser has used lies, manipulation and control to gain their trust. This allows him the power to segregate the victim from her family and friends while making her feel unworthy of a better life. The victim also becomes afraid to reach out for help due to the embarrassment of putting themselves in that situation or the fear that someone they love will also get hurt if they speak up.
    It took me over ten years to write my book because it was hard for me to continuously go back to a time I’ve tried very hard to forget. However, in my heart, I felt I needed to try to help other abused victims. I don’t believe they realize the impact they are making on their children, and the longer they stay with their abuser, the harder it is to overcome.
    We are in this fight together to help victims become survivors! Please visit my website…tornbetweentwoworlds.ca. If you have any questions please feel free to message me on my website or email me at tornbetweentwoworlds2015@gmail.com.

    Thank you for your time
    Lynne Farley

  6. Hi! I am a local soap maker and I have been in abusive relationships in the past. I often end up with extra handmade soaps in sizes or shapes that I cannot sell. It’s great soap! I take a lot of time and care, but because of labelling laws I sometimes have bars that are slightly too small. I would love to donate them, especially the single use soaps I make. Is there any legal issue with doing so?

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