Harbour House Mission Statement

The South Shore Transition House Association’s (Harbour House) mission is to

  • Empower women
  • Offer safety, comfort and hope
  • Support and educate the community
  • Promote equality on the South Shore

Harbour House Principles and Aims

The South Shore Transition House Association (Harbour House) accepts the following principles:

  • It is a basic human right to live without fear of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. (The majority of those abused are women.)
  • Woman battering is an assault, and assault is a criminal offence.
  • It is everyone’s right to receive protection under the law, regardless of the relationship of the parties involved or where the offence occurred.
  • Abused women are not the cause of the abuse, but they are trapped within abusive situations; they live in a society that does not clearly say that abusive behaviour is not acceptable in any circumstance.

The South Shore Transition House Association aims to:

  • Provide, operate and maintain safe temporary housing for women who are victims of abuse, and for their children.
  • Provide security, support and counselling to women who have been victims of abuse and to help them become self-sufficient.
  • Liaison with all relevant community and professional services.



Harbour House’s Annual Fashion Show and Tea is an engaging and wonderful event, proudly corporate sponsored by: 

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    • Hi Keshia – Harbour House is only set up as a house to support women and children at this time. Through our outreach program, we can help with working with families. Please call our outreach team at 902-543-9970.

  1. I have contacted u in the past about my daughter and her abussive partner,,,,we did come there to talk and the end result she did find her own place ,,,but he didn’t leave her alone ,,,,she did end up going back to him ,,,,,,and now she is pregnant again ,,,,she is devastated and the abuse is so much worse now ,,,,he threatened her life and the little foe of her unborn child ,,,,she has a 4 year old there with her and I have her 7 year old with me ,,,,,I am her mother ,,,the abuse is do bad she can’t even go to the store with me with outout texting to see where she is ,,,,,,she needs help so bad ,,,,she told me today she was thinking about killing herself cause he won’t leave her alone ,,,,,,I can’t sleep I’m beside myself with worry ,,,,,,I want her to come there for help ,,,,,and I think I might have her convinced,,,,she has llost weight from crying and being sick ,,,please let me no if I can bring her there for help please I’m desperate that she is going to hurt herself ,,,or him ,,,,he has already have a charge of abuse ,,,,thanks

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